Freelance consulting

(Since 2000). Mul­ti­lin­gual typog­ra­phy, font tech­nol­ogy, cus­tom font pro­duc­tion, CSS web­fonts, Uni­code and Open­Type con­sult­ing. World­wide clients include Adobe Sys­tems, Bit­stream Inc., Corel Corp., Émi­gré, FontShop Inter­na­tional, Lino­type GmbH, Microsoft Corp., Mono­type Imag­ing, Porchez Typo­fonderie, Under­ware, Tiro Type­works, tyPoland, and oth­ers. From Berlin, Ger­many, I work as a free­lance con­sul­tant in mul­ti­lin­gual typog­ra­phy and font tech­nol­ogy. Since …Read More


Glyph wran­gler (since 2000). Typo­graphic research, font tech­nol­ogy and mul­ti­lin­gual typog­ra­phy. MyFonts is a divi­sion of the U.S. com­pany Bistream Inc., based in Mass­a­chu­setts. It oper­ates the MyFonts web­site, which offers more than 100,000 com­puter fonts for sale to world­wide cus­tomers,  mak­ing it one of the world’s largest online font dis­trib­u­tors. My part-time engage­ment at MyFonts …Read More