Freelance consulting

(Since 2000).

Mul­ti­lin­gual typog­ra­phy, font tech­nol­ogy, cus­tom font pro­duc­tion, CSS web­fonts, Uni­code and Open­Type consulting.

World­wide clients include Adobe Sys­tems, Bit­stream Inc., Corel Corp., Émi­gré, FontShop Inter­na­tional, Lino­type GmbH, Microsoft Corp., Mono­type Imag­ing, Porchez Typo­fonderie, Under­ware, Tiro Type­works, tyPoland, and others.

From Berlin, Ger­many, I work as a free­lance con­sul­tant in mul­ti­lin­gual typog­ra­phy and font tech­nol­ogy. Since 1997, I have been work­ing with Font­Lab and other font soft­ware. I pro­vide train­ing in Font­Lab appli­ca­tions and develop cus­tom script­ing solu­tions for Font­Lab Stu­dio using the Python lan­guage. I con­sult with world­wide clients in areas of font tech­nol­ogy, help­ing them to choose among font for­mats and soft­ware appli­ca­tions that match their require­ments in mul­ti­lin­gual text pro­cess­ing and doc­u­ment pub­li­ca­tion. I have been help­ing font foundries and indi­vid­ual type design­ers to cre­ate Open­Type ver­sions of their fonts and design font pro­duc­tion workflows.

I have been con­sult­ing the design of Latin dia­critic char­ac­ters and Cyril­lic char­ac­ters for a num­ber of font ven­dors, and am per­form­ing such exten­sions myself. I have been advis­ing soft­ware man­u­fac­tur­ers in mul­ti­lin­gual text pro­cess­ing and font tech­nol­ogy issues, work­ing actively with their devel­op­ers and their qual­ity assur­ance depart­ments. I have a firm knowl­edge in ques­tions of font licens­ing, copy­right and intel­lec­tual prop­erty rights.

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